Aylmer road Speed and security

Our municipal Councillor Mike Duggan would like to help us make our neighbourhood safer! 

Our counsellor has taken the time to observe the traffic speed on Aylmer Road between Vanier and Rivermead and has agreed to help us with our efforts to have the speed reduced.  

Currently, vehicles can travel up to 70 km/hr on Aylmer Road. Pedestrians — including children attending South Hull elementary school and l’école primaire des Cavaliers – must cross four lanes of traffic to get to the other side of Aylmer Road. We also have many commuters, including seniors, who cross this busy street to access the Rivermead park-and-ride and other stops along Aylmer Road.  

The speed limits have not evolved with the densification of the community. We hope to reduce these limits BEFORE someone gets hurt, or worse.

If you agree that measures should be put in place to address this problem, please take a moment to call 311 and make a simple complaint. Our counsellor will then be able to pull the complaints from the city`s database and use them to support our efforts at the next city council meeting.

Steps to follow:

Phone 311 or fill out online :

Category: Vitesse sur Chemin D’Aylmer entre Rivermead et Vanier

Request example :

Police surveillance request (car speed) and improved signage

Hippodrome and Aylmer Road intersection


Many of us believe that the intersection of Aylmer rd and Hippodrome blvd is dangerous.

Many schoolchildren, pedestrians, cyclists and public transit users cross Aylmer Road at this intersection. The already too high 70 km / h limit is often exceeded and the traffic light is not optimized for safety. Several vehicle drivers grew impatient and ran red lights. The numerous constructions in progress exacerbate the situation.

We are asking for a reduction in maximum speed and better signage (school corridor signs, roadway alignment and traffic light cycles revised). We also call for increased police surveillance, mainly during school entry and exit times. Important measures must be put in place to increase safety and prevent serious accidents.

Thank you for your attention to this request.